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ShiftPoint provides real time factual data that will assist you in making better buying and selling decisions. Access and view data in ways you never thought possible. Helping you look at your business in a whole new way.

Inventory report: Snap shot view to help pinpoint inventory bottlenecks quickly analyze by: Acquired From / Ask Price / Color / Days On Market / Make / Miles / Model / Purchase Date / Year / Total Investment Per Vehicle / Possible Profit Per Vehicle in $ and %

Sold report: Analyze what is and isn't making money by. Age / Color / Date /Days On Market / Make / Miles / Model / Price / Customer Sold To / Total Investment Per Vehicle / Sold Price / Profit Per Vehicle in $ and %

Expense reports: Break Down By: Item Description / Date / Stock Number

Sales tax reports: Instant reports shows details of all sales tax collected.



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We have been using ShiftPoint for our car business and we cannot be happier. I do not consider myself computer savvy and was a little hesitant at the beginning to start using a new computer program, but ShiftPoint made it easy to understand;and makes everything easier to do with our everyday business needs. Our business has increased in part because of our professional web site, which has brought us many raved reviews! I would highly recommend ShiftPoint. They are like a part of our little family business.
I am a relatively small used car reseller. I merchandise between 10-15 cars per month. ShiftPoint DMS gives me the opportunity to act like a giant. There isn't any form of paperwork that I cannot perform like the big guys. My invoices AND motor vehicle documents are 'spot-on.' ShiftPoint cuts my processing time in half. In addition, whenever I have an item that I cannot maneuver, ShiftPoint is 'Johnny on the Spot' helping me figure it out. If you care about making your paperwork easier give ShiftPoint the chance to illustrate what they can do for you. It is well worth the investment.

Bob Curri

N.J. Curri Inc. Yorkville, NY 13495

No signup, no cancellation fee, no commitment.