Putting you in the driver seat

Step into the spotlight

To accelerate growth, ShiftPoint transforms your website into a virtual showroom, all to put your business directly in the spotlight. With added exposure and a modern web presence, you’re able to:

  • Reach more customer with Fully Responsive Website design (Site adjusts based on screen size)
  • Improve brand building 500% with watermarked photos
  • Simplify photo management
  • Manage inventory from anywhere
  • Building your brand faster with Facebook & Craigslist postings
  • Automatically populate paid sites like &
  • Generate more traffic to your site with ShiftPoint SEO tools

Cutting edge, professional web site

Even if you are a one man operation, our virtual showroom will enhance your image while impressing and motivate your prospects! Change a price, add inventory, modify features, sell a vehicle, your web site is instantly updated. Our dynamic web site uses ShiftPoint as the back end, so your data is always current and accurate.

Mobile virtual show room

TRUE Mobile websites increase reach by 33%, allowing you to convert more web lookers to real customers.


ShiftPoint's watermarking of your photos will building your brand awareness by 500%. Drag and drop photo management. Watch photo management video


ShiftPoint creates a better looking and more effective post and it does it faster!

Paid sites like:

Your selected inventory is sent with photos to your paid advertising sites automatically. Stop wasting expensive advertising on promoting inventory that is out of date!

Increase your web site ranking

ShiftPoint SEO will allow you to improve your web site's ranking and traffic!



No signup, no cancellation fee, no commitment.


ShiftPoint has helped us streamline our paperwork and most importantly reduced the work we need to do, to book and sell a vehicle. They have also helped us build our brand with a more consistent look and feel across multiple locations!

Kevin Niezabytowski

Peoples Choice Auto. Central Square, NY
I am a relatively small used car reseller. I merchandise between 10-15 cars per month. ShiftPoint DMS gives me the opportunity to act like a giant. There isn't any form of paperwork that I cannot perform like the big guys. My invoices AND motor vehicle documents are 'spot-on.' ShiftPoint cuts my processing time in half. In addition, whenever I have an item that I cannot maneuver, ShiftPoint is 'Johnny on the Spot' helping me figure it out. If you care about making your paperwork easier give ShiftPoint the chance to illustrate what they can do for you. It is well worth the investment.

Bob Curri

N.J. Curri Inc. Yorkville, NY 13495

No signup, no cancellation fee, no commitment.