Buy Here Pay Here

Putting you in the driver seat

Dealer Financing

Successful dealers know that collecting payments is just as important as selling cars. ShiftPoint provides an easy to use solution for managing your in-house financing business.

Our Buy Here Pay Here feature makes tracking payments easy so you can focus on your business not your paperwork.

ShiftPoint Provides

  • Print payment coupons, receipts and amortization schedules
  • Customize repo letters and other notices
  • Maintain a watch on all incoming payments and promises to pay
  • Keep a detailed contact history for every account
  • Track days in inventory
  • Secure online applications form



No signup, no cancellation fee, no commitment.


Being a small dealer, I need to cut corners and save time whenever I can. I’ve been using ShiftPoint and can say that this is a powerful tool that I can’t live without. Enter the VIN number and all information self-imports. It doesn’t get any easier. This program has lightened my paper pushing time leaving me more time for customers. With ShiftPoint, you get a lot of BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Wayne Vogt

ShiftPoint is an amazing product because of how it allows me to streamline my processes and have a coherent and concise business image. From the intuitive and easy to use DMS to the attractive and well laid out website, it creates a professional virtual atmosphere in which to conduct business. The symphony between the DMS and the website is key to me. I also appreciate the little touches like the watermarked inventory photos and having my logo on my Buyers Orders. Lastly, and most importantly, the customer service that the Owner, Tom Droz, provides is second to none. Knowing that he is available and willing to help via phone, email and text allows for a personal relationship and creates peace of mind.

No signup, no cancellation fee, no commitment.