Google Tricks

9 Tricks For Better Google Results

Dealers want to get better result with search engines like Google and Bing. There are free and paid methods for doing this. Here are 9 tricks you can do to improve your search results!

1) More Photos

Search engine like sites with lots of photos, we suggest a minimum of 12 per vehicle, 8 walk around photos and 4 -20+ other photos like seats, accessories and instrument panel. Click here for tricks to more effective photos

2) Keep Your Data Current

Changing you data, keeping it up to date is something the search engines notice. Fresher data is better!

3) Full Vehicle Description

The more relevant data on each page, the more search engines like it. You should be filling out the marketing section in a conversational tone, not just a list of features.

4) External Links

The more websites that point to your site the better (Unless they are paid to point to you, then it can be a negative). How can you get more external links?

  • Give testimonials to other businesses and include your website in the testimonial. Example: Add your testimonial now for ShiftPoint
  • If you don't have them, create Facebook business page, Twitter and Linkedin. All Free!
  • YouTube Videos. Create some Videos and post with links to your website.
  • Write an article about something you know and try to get it posted on blogger's sites, with your website included as a link.

5) Security Certificate

Google ranks sites with security certificate higher than those without. Not sure if your site is secure? Go to your web site and type a "HTTPS://" in front of the address. If it isn't secure you will get a message telling you. If it isn't you need to add a security certificate to your website!

6) Responsive website

Your website needs to be mobile friendly or it will get lower results with Google. "Responsive" sites resize based on the size of the screen. To test, go to your website, resize the browser window. If your data changes to fit the screens you are good to go. If not, you need to update your website!

7) Business Page

Create free business pages, fill out completely and add images when it is an option. Google, Bing, Linkedin to name a few.

8) Get 5 star ratings by sending links to happy customers

9) Increase Traffic To Your Website

More traffic improves your Google/Bing results, as they look at traffic as a metric. You can increase your traffic with Paid advertising on Google/Bing Facebook etc. Here are some ways of using Google:

  • Place ads using Google ad words. You can buy placement for search words that you expect your customer might type into Google when looking for a local car dealer. You can pay based on clicks, or based on impressions:
  • A powerful tool is to show ads to people that have already visited your site. This is a a special type of ad call remarketing:
  • You can buy ads on FaceBook here and show them only to the demographic and geographic area you choose.



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